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Cruisin' Videos

These videos are from our two cruises -- the complete stories are available in the Cruises section of the site.

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This clip shows the MV Galaxy passing under the bridges in Baltimore Harbor. Tight fit...



RealVideo 9: 8 MB DL

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A laughing fit sweeps the dinner table. This is what happens when people are too happy.



RealVideo 9: 6.1 MB DL

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Short version -- Traveling by speed boat to the Mayan Ruins at Lamanai, Belize (this clip just gives a quick impression of the speed). See next clip...


RealVideo 9: 4.3 MB DL


Full Version -- covers the whole trip. Belizian countryside, speed boat on the river and the Mayan Ruins.


Windows Media 9: 33 MB
Celebrity Dressing


No, this does not involve clothing. Joe, the assistant waiter, recites the ingredients in Celebrity Dressing. What a pro...



RealVideo 9: 2.3 MB DL

Windows Media 9: 1.5 MB

Dolphin Swim


Kris does tricks with the dolphins at Xcaret, Mexico. A little silly...



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Irish Coffee


It was a big surprise to see this elaborate and fiery tableside production.



RealVideo 9: 11.8 MB DL

Windows Media 9: 9.6 MB



Maro, our waiter and ringmaster, gave us an impromptu 15 minute demonstration of his napkin folding prowess. I'll show you half of it.


RealVideo 9: 20 MB DL
Swimming with the Stingrays Swimming with the Stingrays in the Cayman Islands. Spooky, but great. Rated PG (for spookiness).

Windows Media 9: 20 MB

Windows Media 9: 14 MB

RealVideo 9: 16.7 MB DL

Young Men in Black


The teens make their way to formal dinner on the most recent cruise. Not nearly as dull as it sounds. I promise...


Windows Media 9: 7 MB
Baked Alaska


Coming soon. Maro's unique finger torch during the Baked Alaska Parade.




Just for Fun

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The Chase


Our bird-dog 'Joe' got a surprise when we unleashed our dog-bird 'Q', a cockatoo.



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Windows Media 9: 2.7 MB



A few years back, my son (the one with the helmet in the video) took my camera and recorded himself and his buddies rollerblading and skateboarding at the local strip mall - which is posted against such things. For punishment, I put together this "embarrassing" video. Extreme sports as ballet.



RealVideo 9: 8 MB DL

Windows Media 9: 7.8 MB

The 50th Anniversary Party


Hopefully somewhat entertaining, this is an account of my in-law's 50th anniversary party. It was held at the "camp" in Maine in July of 2001. Shown here is the first 1/3 of the video. Included are the preparations, the annual gathering on the 'steps' for a family picture (quite an ordeal), and the beginning of the party -- natural disaster included. My father-in-law, Dave, has Alzheimer's disease. At the end of this segment, you'll see him suddenly become lucid and join in with the barbershop quartet (along with his son). It was a very surprising (and touching) moment, not since repeated. Dave passed away in June, 2006.

Real Video 9: 45 MB DL
Wells Scores


Son Wells scores a touchdown for the old man (from TV broadcast).


RealVideo 9: 1.9 MB DL
Londonderry Lancers 2003 Highlights


I volunteered to make the annual highlights video for the high school football team -- it was a huge hit at the annual banquet. Here are some highlights of the highlights (Football with some Swing, special effects included. Game segments mostly removed. The full video is 57 minutes). (Extended from the version originally posted)


Windows Media 9: 55.9 MB










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