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Cruising with Teens – Preface

I should have made the investment two years ago. How could I have known that purchasing a tux would provide a substantial return in so little time? As with plastics, IBM and Cisco stock, and the condos at Mahogany Run on St. Thomas, I blew it again. Opportunity lost.

The Surgeon General should step in and require that cruise lines put a warning on their advertising:

Warning: Cruising is addictive. While the attendant relaxation may be beneficial to your health, the habit may have significant impact on your everyday life and finances.

Even potato chip companies have the sense of…

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Holiday Newsletter – 2002

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Season’s Greetings,

This year has flown by. More accurately, it sailed by. To mark our 25th anniversary, Kris and I took our first cruise. Although we were initially a bit concerned that cruising might not be our cup of tea, the experience was extremely waverunenjoyable. Our first try at jet skiing was especially memorable. We should have tried it years ago. Oh well…

Kris is settling in to her new teaching career. Although her workweek is still incredibly…

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