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Wells arrived home from a successful ‘gig’ with his band a little after midnight.

“Where is your birth certificate?”

“Look at my blisters,” he responded while proudly showing me his fingertips. “We really played hard.”

“Very nice – we need the birth certificate.”

“The YMCA took in more than $600 because of us. They paid us $200!”

“Certificate. NOW!”

Wells beat a hasty retreat to his room. I could hear him rummaging for a while before he popped back into my office.

“My fingers really hurt.”

“So do mine. Where is it?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll find it.”

“Well if you…

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Ready, Set…

I thought about the possibility of getting an additional room. From previous readings, I knew that at least one occupant of every room had to be over the age of 25, but it seemed to me that there was some kind of exception to the rule. I dug out the Celebrity Brochure to study the fine print.

I found the relevant section:


No guest under the age of 21 will be booked in a stateroom unless accompanied by an adult 25 years or older. This age limit will be waived for minor children sailing with

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I have used a real live travel agent exactly once. It was many years ago, as we prepared to take our second trip to Disney. I had planned the first trip myself, and appreciated the amount of work that went into it. The process involved a lot of time spent on the telephone, an activity that ranks pretty low on my list of favored pastimes. Hoping to save time and agony, I went to the local travel agency.

The experience cannot be reflective of the industry as a whole, or it would have ceased to exist long ago. Everything, and…

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Cruising with Teens – Preface

I should have made the investment two years ago. How could I have known that purchasing a tux would provide a substantial return in so little time? As with plastics, IBM and Cisco stock, and the condos at Mahogany Run on St. Thomas, I blew it again. Opportunity lost.

The Surgeon General should step in and require that cruise lines put a warning on their advertising:

Warning: Cruising is addictive. While the attendant relaxation may be beneficial to your health, the habit may have significant impact on your everyday life and finances.

Even potato chip companies have the sense of…

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