Cirque du Soleil Alegria Coming to Manchester, NH

I was surprised to discover that Cirque has repackaged their Alegria show for an arena tour (normally they travel with their own mini-city), and they will be performing in Manchester, NH from 7/8-7/12/2009. Alegria will also be performed in Providence, Boston, and Worcester on earlier and later dates.

For those in the area who have never seen a Cirque show, this is your chance. Those who have seen one (or more) wouldn’t dream of missing it. A TV broadcast of Alegria is the event that compelled me to see a live show. Kris and I have now seen 5 live performances, but I’ve always yearned for the chance to see this one in particular. It contains my favorite act, known as “Power Track.” Below is a YouTube video of this act. I have learned from experience that video can only convey about 10% of the magic and energy of these shows, but go ahead and take a look…

Power Track is on the program, and I sincerely hope that the “arena adaptation” doesn’t take away from the thrill. For those considering attending, I advise sitting as low as possible (to the side is OK) – the nosebleed seats would present an odd angle. Of course, down low is more expensive, but I can say with assurance that you will not be disappointed. We’ll be there on Thursday, 7/8/2009, at floor level (after eating peanut butter dinners for a month). Click here for the Cirque website.

Enfield UKC Dog Show, 5/30-5/31/2009

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Enfield, CT., May 30-31, 2009
Huck and friends. Two Champion wins and a Best of Breed for the little Huckster.

Westfield UKC Dog Show, 4/25-6/2009

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Huck, our Chinook, completed his conformation and earned his Champion status on the first day. On day two, Huck earned two Champion wins (five such wins earns Grand Champion).

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