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We are pleased to announce the successful breeding of

GRCH Granite Hill Howlet (Huck)


GRCH Forever Greene Talis

Applications for Show and Performance homes are being accepted. Please contact for information and an application. Forever Greene Chinooks, West Haven, VT., 802-265-4883

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Ryan and Megan’s wedding, October 30, 2010.

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A Farewell to Trevor


A chapter in our life ended on Friday, May 14, 2010, when we said goodbye to our dearest Trevor. He was a dog of my heart, so close and special to me in ways that many would not understand. He was by no means a perfect dog. There was no object perpendicular to the ground that could escape his marking. I will never forget the vision of him casually strolling up to my son’s best friend and claiming him in that special doggy way. Trevor had the uncanny ability…

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Sledding with the Chinooks

Huck and Birr pull Kris through the snowy woods on my 50 year-old Flexible Flyer sled. Some day we hope to get a real dog sled, but in the meantime this is fun for everyone.

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