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Doggy Camp

Dogs at camp in Maine.

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Best Buds

Huck and Birr are best buddies

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The Death of Angelina Lauro

Warning: This is a sad story about a 24,000-ton lady, a princess and three angels. My eyewitness account of the lady’s death at St. Thomas in 1979.

On St. Thomas in March of 1979, the cruise season was still in full swing. Ships arrived every day and thousands of passengers poured into the downtown shopping area to lighten their bank accounts. Merchants and cab drivers competed fiercely for a share of the bounty.

For me, the morning of Friday, March 30 was filled with apprehension. Two days earlier, the reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania melted down, and information…

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New Puppy

Our newest addition to the family – a Chinook puppy. Name and details forthcoming…

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Cirque du Soleil Alegria Coming to Manchester, NH

I was surprised to discover that Cirque has repackaged their Alegria show for an arena tour (normally they travel with their own mini-city), and they will be performing in Manchester, NH from 7/8-7/12/2009. Alegria will also be performed in Providence, Boston, and Worcester on earlier and later dates.

For those in the area who have never seen a Cirque show, this is your chance. Those who have seen one (or more) wouldn’t dream of missing it. A TV broadcast of Alegria is the event that compelled me to see a live show. Kris and I have now seen 5 live…

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Enfield UKC Dog Show, 5/30-5/31/2009

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Enfield, CT., May 30-31, 2009
Huck and friends. Two Champion wins and a Best of Breed for the little Huckster.

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Westfield UKC Dog Show, 4/25-6/2009

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Huck, our Chinook, completed his conformation and earned his Champion status on the first day. On day two, Huck earned two Champion wins (five such wins earns Grand Champion).

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Coco Cay

This is an excerpt from chapter 12 of my book, “What Time Is the Midnight Buffet?” Here we visit Coco Cay, the private island in the Bahamas owned by Royal Caribbean/Celebrity Cruises. Kris makes a last minute decision to accompany me on a waverunner (jet ski) excursion, and the rest is history…

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Leaving Las Vegas

The bleary-eyed young couple practically climbed over us to get into the elevator. I guess they didn’t notice that we were trying to haul 200 pounds of luggage through the door.

“What was their hurry?” asked Kris.

I could think of at least two possibilities, but kept one of them to myself. “I’m sure they’ve been up all night and need some sleep.”

We exited the elevator lobby and entered the cavernous space that lies between any two points in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The atmosphere in the casino was markedly different than it had been just…

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Skijoring with the Chinooks

Video – Skijoring with the Chinooks in New London, NH, 3/22/2009

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