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Bon Voyage Chester. Thanks for all the laughter and love. 3/31/2015

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My buddy knows

I started feeling sick in early July. Before I even understood how poorly I felt, Birr knew. At first I thought it was the thunderstorms and fireworks that made him seek constant contact with me. Now I know otherwise.

Birr has been my constant companion since he joined the family 5 years ago. He was the runt of the litter, and Kris followed his tenuous fight for survival on the breeder’s website. One day she marched into the family room and announced, “I’m getting a puppy, and I don’t care what you say.” It was not the time to…

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Welcome To My Living Funeral

Forgive the odd intro, but there’s no sense dancing around the plain facts. I am a fertile breeding ground for cancer. It’s growing in my body like Kudzu grows in Georgia. Yes, I’ll battle for control, but the outcome is certain – and it will probably be swift.

As with other major events in my lifetime, I’m inclined to write about my experience. My mother even suggested outright that I do so:

“… Surely it has occurred to you that you should write about this. Maybe it would give you a diversion. (On the other hand, maybe enough is enough.)…

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