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My buddy knows

I started feeling sick in early July. Before I even understood how poorly I felt, Birr knew. At first I thought it was the thunderstorms and fireworks that made him seek constant contact with me. Now I know otherwise.

Birr has been my constant companion since he joined the family 5 years ago. He was the runt of the litter, and Kris followed his tenuous fight for survival on the breeder’s website. One day she marched into the family room and announced, “I’m getting a puppy, and I don’t care what you say.” It was not the time to…

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Welcome To My Living Funeral

Forgive the odd intro, but there’s no sense dancing around the plain facts. I am a fertile breeding ground for cancer. It’s growing in my body like Kudzu grows in Georgia. Yes, I’ll battle for control, but the outcome is certain – and it will probably be swift.

As with other major events in my lifetime, I’m inclined to write about my experience. My mother even suggested outright that I do so:

“… Surely it has occurred to you that you should write about this. Maybe it would give you a diversion. (On the other hand, maybe enough is enough.)…

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Aesa Therese Holleran

Aesa Therese Holleran was born on 7/30/2011 in Manchester, NH, to Ryan and Megan Holleran.

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Ryan and Megan’s wedding, October 30, 2010.

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A Farewell to Trevor


A chapter in our life ended on Friday, May 14, 2010, when we said goodbye to our dearest Trevor. He was a dog of my heart, so close and special to me in ways that many would not understand. He was by no means a perfect dog. There was no object perpendicular to the ground that could escape his marking. I will never forget the vision of him casually strolling up to my son’s best friend and claiming him in that special doggy way. Trevor had the uncanny ability…

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Cirque du Soleil Alegria Coming to Manchester, NH

I was surprised to discover that Cirque has repackaged their Alegria show for an arena tour (normally they travel with their own mini-city), and they will be performing in Manchester, NH from 7/8-7/12/2009. Alegria will also be performed in Providence, Boston, and Worcester on earlier and later dates.

For those in the area who have never seen a Cirque show, this is your chance. Those who have seen one (or more) wouldn’t dream of missing it. A TV broadcast of Alegria is the event that compelled me to see a live show. Kris and I have now seen 5 live…

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Leaving Las Vegas

The bleary-eyed young couple practically climbed over us to get into the elevator. I guess they didn’t notice that we were trying to haul 200 pounds of luggage through the door.

“What was their hurry?” asked Kris.

I could think of at least two possibilities, but kept one of them to myself. “I’m sure they’ve been up all night and need some sleep.”

We exited the elevator lobby and entered the cavernous space that lies between any two points in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The atmosphere in the casino was markedly different than it had been just…

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The Great Dude Ranch Deception

A story of a surprise and intrigue at Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

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Saturday, October 27 – Epilogue

0000 to 0300 hrs. We watched as the AP maneuvered to the established rendezvous point. At approximately 0015 hrs., we thanked the officers and crew of the Atlantic Prosperity once again before we were led by a crew member to the starboard pilot gangway. One by one we made our way down to its last step, climbed on to a Jacobs ladder and carefully lowered ourselves down the final 30 feet to the waiting USCG patrol boat. With the assist of USCG personnel, we made the step aboard the USCG boat so it was timed with the rising sea. Quickly…

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Friday, October 26, 1000-Midnight

1000 to 1300 hrs. The Epiphany crew was escorted to the Navigation Bridge of the Atlantic Prosperity at the direction of the Chief Officer, where we were introduced to the Captain and welcomed aboard. After introductions, our passports were collected by the CO for the purpose of checking our identities and determining any security issues. We were then invited to the officer’s stateroom at the rear of the Navigation Bridge to have a donut and coffee. At this time we were told by the Captain that he had sought and received permission from the ship’s owners in Japan to set…

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