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Leaving Las Vegas

The bleary-eyed young couple practically climbed over us to get into the elevator. I guess they didn’t notice that we were trying to haul 200 pounds of luggage through the door.

“What was their hurry?” asked Kris.

I could think of at least two possibilities, but kept one of them to myself. “I’m sure they’ve been up all night and need some sleep.”

We exited the elevator lobby and entered the cavernous space that lies between any two points in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. The atmosphere in the casino was markedly different than it had been just…

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The Great Dude Ranch Deception

A story of a surprise and intrigue at Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

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Saturday, October 27 – Epilogue

0000 to 0300 hrs. We watched as the AP maneuvered to the established rendezvous point. At approximately 0015 hrs., we thanked the officers and crew of the Atlantic Prosperity once again before we were led by a crew member to the starboard pilot gangway. One by one we made our way down to its last step, climbed on to a Jacobs ladder and carefully lowered ourselves down the final 30 feet to the waiting USCG patrol boat. With the assist of USCG personnel, we made the step aboard the USCG boat so it was timed with the rising sea. Quickly…

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Friday, October 26, 1000-Midnight

1000 to 1300 hrs. The Epiphany crew was escorted to the Navigation Bridge of the Atlantic Prosperity at the direction of the Chief Officer, where we were introduced to the Captain and welcomed aboard. After introductions, our passports were collected by the CO for the purpose of checking our identities and determining any security issues. We were then invited to the officer’s stateroom at the rear of the Navigation Bridge to have a donut and coffee. At this time we were told by the Captain that he had sought and received permission from the ship’s owners in Japan to set…

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Friday, October 26, 0700-1000 hrs

0700 to 1000 hrs. With the dawning sun low on the horizon, Mitch was first to see the absolutely immense (316,676 ton) Atlantic Prosperity coming out of the east. Communications with AP and the USCG continued. It now became clear that the USCG was not coming at all.

The Captain of the AP made the decision to bring us aboard, though it was still not known if we would be going along to Nigeria or if some effort would be made to connect elsewhere with the USCG for our removal by helicopter or CG vessel.

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