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Ryan and Megan’s wedding, October 30, 2010.

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Sledding with the Chinooks

Huck and Birr pull Kris through the snowy woods on my 50 year-old Flexible Flyer sled. Some day we hope to get a real dog sled, but in the meantime this is fun for everyone.

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Doggy Camp

Dogs at camp in Maine.

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Best Buds

Huck and Birr are best buddies

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The Death of Angelina Lauro

Warning: This is a sad story about a 24,000-ton lady, a princess and three angels. My eyewitness account of the lady’s death at St. Thomas in 1979.

On St. Thomas in March of 1979, the cruise season was still in full swing. Ships arrived every day and thousands of passengers poured into the downtown shopping area to lighten their bank accounts. Merchants and cab drivers competed fiercely for a share of the bounty.

For me, the morning of Friday, March 30 was filled with apprehension. Two days earlier, the reactor at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania melted down, and information…

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