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“If you’re considering taking your first cruise, and even if you’ve cruised a dozen times, this is a must-read. The humor and candid commentary bring you along on a journey that will keep you laughing from start to finish.” Jodi Ornstein, managing editor, Porthole Cruise Magazine

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“I simply could not put What Time is the Midnight Buffet? down once I’d picked it up…I loved Chester’s anecdotes, his details, and his lively voice—and in the end I felt like I’d taken the trip with him from the comfort of my armchair. It’s a must for cruise beginners and veterans alike.” Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor, CruiseCritic

“Good book to help cure many of the trepidations of first-time cruisers. [The author’s] accident-prone nature is hilarious, and his humor is balanced with a comprehensive description of the cruise experience. This book certainly made me look forward to my next cruise.” Linda Garrison, About.com Cruises Guide (A New York Times Website)

Reader Reviews from CruiseCritic.com

  • “…To those who read and admire Bill Bryson as a travelogue writer, a new star is born. Chesterh is THE business!! Wit, humor, information; no sex or violence and every sentence riveting…” Venezia98
  • “…all of a sudden I am transported to a balcony at sea….enjoying the rocking, the smell of salt water and all the wonders and pleasures of cruising. Thank you Chesterh for a wonderful trip!” Shakespear
  • “…This is a must-read for cruise newbies, experienced cruisers, well, anyone who can read or has someone to read it to them!!!! Please, Chesterh, take another cruise quickly so you can write another story!!!!Many, Many Thanks for a wonderful experience…” Venicecruiser
  • “…Again I say, or emphatically state, that this should be required reading for all cruisers. Even us experienced ones have a lot to learn about living life in general from your prose. I for one am going to try a wave runner on our next cruise, grandkids be darned! My suggestion…Put aside whatever you are doing and fall in love all over again with what cruising is all about and with Mr. X (chesterh) and his beautiful bride Kris.” Larsen
  • “…A master storyteller!!! For those who have never cruised, this will convince you to make that reservation. For those of us who have cruised, what a great way to refresh all those precious memories until we are again on board and sailing out of the harbor…” The2ofus
  • “…Bravo, Bravo, Bravo…and Thank You, Chesterh…” BMW
  • “…Destined to become a classic. This one has it all; travel tips, sentimental moments, action, gripping suspense, hilarity (hysteria??), sad goodbyes, unlikely plot turns, foreshadowing, and even a pronunciation guide…” Kraley
  • “…I did not want it to end! We have been on 10 cruises and believe me, the feeling you portrayed is what we feel on every cruise. Thanks so much for putting those feelings in writing for us!” Perkythedog
  • “…This is too great a book for anyone to miss. Everyone should read this, especially first time cruisers. It helps to answer many questions…” lbelian
  • “…A Must Read Before / After / During Your Cruise!” Lyn Mc
  • “…I have read travelogues of other trips but this is by far the best, most articulate and above all the most vivid of any…” Augins
  • “…Destined to become a bestseller for all cruisers! I found myself right back on the ship with you as though I had never left…” Cin
  • “Chesterh — you are brilliant. Your travelogue had me with you every minute…I relived all of our cruises and I am now counting minutes to our next one. I laughed out loud so often a neighbour looked over the wall to see what was happening (sat in the garden with my G&T reading your epic).” Susancy, from England
  • “…Chesterh, I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful travelogue! Just when I was really feeling sorry for myself because we can’t afford a cruise this year, there was your “novel”! I laughed, I cried, but mostly just enjoyed the cruise with you and Kris. Believe it or not, it was so satisfying, I don’t feel quite as sad about not going this year…” Tinderr
  • “…Your style and humor definitely reminded me of Bill Bryson — another wonderful travel writer (who also lives in NH I believe)…” Estelle
  • “…Someone…compared your writing to Bill Bryson. I, too, had the same thought since I am currently reading one of his books (A Walk in the Woods). However, I enjoyed your book even more! I also would compare you more than favorably to Tracy Kidder (who you mentioned, and who is one of my favorite authors)…” Love_the_sea
  • “…this should be required reading for anyone thinking of going on a cruise…” LittleStar
  • “…Thanks for taking all of us readers on a wonderful vicarious journey. I had a great time!” Crew mom
  • “…I laughed and cried just reading your daily escapades — Yes, they were escapades…” JR_Janet
  • “…just finished the final chapter. I feel the same way as when I finish a great novel — happy and sad at the same time! I feel as though Chester and Kris are my friends!! What a wealth of information for first-time cruisers and wonderful reading for those of us who are already addicted. Thank you soooo much…“ Bar10der421
  • “…I’m not one that picks up a book and, if it is good, just can’t put it down — except for this. Thanks again for all the wonderful words…” Jst4fun715
  • “…Chesterh, thanks for the cheapest cruise I ever took. It was that good…” DocJohnB
  • “…My housework is undone, my work report languishes in a heap, my butt is numb, and my eyes are red but oh what a “feast” this travelogue became. It makes me proud to be a fellow New Hampshirite. I do believe there must be something in the NH air…” Mrs. Seabird
  • “I laughed, I cried, I called my travel agent …” Bill
  • “…a fantastic read!” Blindone
  • “…Should be “required reading” for anyone taking a cruise. Once I starting reading, I had to finish the whole thing…” Civerolo
  • “All I can say is WOW!!!!! I can’t wait till the sequel.” Biscomama
  • “…Couldn’t you just write about another vacation you’ve taken — to wean us slowly????” Ceallaigh
  • “I don’t care if this cruise is over. I am not getting off the ship!!!! I want more.” MaryPoppinz
  • “…a talented, witty and brilliant writer…I am an avid reader and can read up to 2 or 3 books a week, but I must say this was the most enjoyable read I’ve had in years…” Lil Pups
  • “…should be required reading in the canon of cruise literature…” LorSco
  • “…you have done what many authors never achieve — I never wanted to stop reading your story…” Coccodog
  • “Your travelogue is terrific and it’s fun to think of first-timers discovering cruising and having such a wonderful time…” Birders
  • “This is Great! Thank you. I have my first cruise coming up and you have succeeded — I am starting to get the “feel”. And I laughed, and laughed.” Mzbot
  • “…I read a chapter or two to my Hubby every night. He doesn’t know that I have been reading ahead each night as he sleeps. I just can’t stand the suspense.” Tluvs2talk
  • “…Thank you so much for your insights, wit, and cogent commentary. I especially liked the “stunning” cashier!” Abbymac
  • “This is such fun reading — I can’t wait for the next installment!” Billisd
  • “…thanks for bringing your cruise experience to life for all of us — appreciate the sincerity, charm, and honesty of your sharing! BTW, we’ve heard ducks in our room also — usually after a few G&T’s…” Greta
  • “…I can’t wait to read about the next cruise…” Pinky&theBrain
  • “…My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed your travelogue, and look forward to the next installment…your descriptions took us right back. If we weren’t already certified ‘cruiseaholics’, your story would definitely convince us to give it a try…” Suzyv
  • “…The story of “Evar” and the boat ride made me laugh till I cried…” Kelly
  • “…Thank you for putting a smile on my face and for taking me someplace I have never been… I laughed my head off while reading about your excursion on the wave runners… how about making a movie???!!!!” N2chocola8
  • “…I was laughing out loud at your wave runner shenanigans. Thanks again for your wonderful stories! We all feel like we have gotten to know you and Kris so well. When are you taking your next cruise? You would probably have a whole fan club to accompany you…” Abby
  • “I’m so enthralled by your storytelling. When is your next cruise? Could you just make another one up?” Rumncoke
  • “…I love your account of the cruise. It is well written and at times hilarious…I am almost as sorry as you must have been that the cruise over!” Chris1962
  • “…I came in to work this morning telling folks about this…the only problem is that now I am laughing out loud at lunch while they are working…Thank you soooooo much for opening the pages of your mind to us…” TexasRed
  • “…Outstanding! If Celebrity knows what’s good for them they will allow you to cruise for free, just to have you review their ships and ports of call. I’ll be happy to buy you a G&T anytime. People who enjoy themselves and their experiences while cruising could be nothing but a blast to share a cruise with.” Davis0056
  • “…I can almost feel the gentle sway of the ship as I read your words. Thank you for taking the time to share them…” Marla
  • “…Thank you so very much for lighting up my day. Like any good book, I hated to see it end. Please take another cruise so we can read more…I laughed ‘till I cried when you were on the wave runner. Thank you again…’ Jjssitters
  • “…I have tears in my eyes…I will have to start reading it all over again…” Crazybus
  • “…a pleasure to read, as well as providing a wealth of information on cruising…Please take more cruises on the other lines and to other destinations so we can all be educated through your experience (and we can enjoy more of your great writing)…” Diana46
  • “Bravo! MORE! MORE! MORE!” Barb
  • “…What are you doing to me? I have to wait until February to cruise…You really know how to drive a girl crazy…” Marnie123
  • “…EVERYONE who loves cruising will enjoy reading…not to be missed…” Ocruisers
  • “…filled with humor and extremely fine writing. It has been a truly pleasurable experience.” MavisMarie
  • “…Chesterh tells it like it is.” Helenrose
  • “…Wow…this is FANTASTIC! I loved it…” Revneal
  • “…Not only thorough, but his humor had me smiling while I read.…” Joanne
  • “…I feel like I’ve been on an adventure and it was wonderful!!” Gloria
  • “…WOW — this is great reading.” Barbara
  • “…Two nights of solid reading and I have enjoyed every word. I felt as if I was on the Galaxy with Chester and Kris. Thank you for so much enjoyment. I would recommend this read to everyone who loves to cruise.” Jennie
  • “…starting to read the story, again, from the top! What a pleasure.” Deltablue
  • “…brought back wonderful memories of our cruise! Your style of writing is so interesting…has a lot to offer. It included much information, special interests, laughter, fun and especially we could FEEL your excitement of your cruise.” Cricket
  • “…It is truly spectacular and I enjoyed reading every ounce of it…” ScottieLuvr
  • “Pour a Gin and Tonic and put on your seabands. Chesterh’s tenderly written travelogue is to cruise travelers what Janet Sebold’s novel The Lovely Bones is to those who have lost a loved one.” Jansen
  • “In a word, “exemplary.” It’s a great read for all travel enthusiasts…Kudos, Chesterh, on your writing skill and for unabashedly yielding to the romantic within you — that earned you the expected female vote and the secure, “he’s a man’s man” vote, too! And kudos to Kris for agreeing to your candid, blow-by-blow revelations. No question, your tale would not be the runaway hit it has become if you hadn’t shared all of the intimate details…or if you and Kris weren’t so darned charming!” Artemis

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