Rescue of the Crew of SV Epiphany

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Here’s a (b)log of a sailing trip gone wrong. When asked if they’d attempt such a trip again, the participants said, “Only on a cruise ship.”

In October, a friend of mine at work, John, left for a 2-week sailing trip on a 42′ vessel, SV Epiphany. The plan was to sail from Salem, Ma., to Bermuda, and then on to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. We all thought John (and the rest of the crew) were out of their minds. In a brief fit of good sense, John had his will redone, but the rest was madness as


GPS track

far as most of us were concerned. It was, after all, still hurricane season, and it’s a long way from Massachusetts to the Virgin Islands. This is what cruise ships are made for…

At work, we watched the boat’s progress on a website that used GPS to update its position every couple of hours. The crew made it to Bermuda in about 4 days. After a few days R&R, they departed for St. Thomas. I went in to work one morning and found this image on the tracking site.

It seemed a safe assumption that something had gone wrong, but it would be many days before we found out just what happened…

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  1. Why have you never finished the “Cruising with the Mothers” story? I bought the midnight buffet book and enjoyed it, but am longing to know how your eye problem resolved.

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