Holiday Newsletter – 2004

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Londonderry, NH USA

Dear Friends,

I could take the easy way out and end this letter in the first sentence by saying “This year was just like last year,” but that wouldn’t be fair. You probably don’t know about last year.

I think it was some time in early March, just after we had returned from another cruise — this one to the Caribbean with Wells and his friend Dan. I was doing the previous year’s spring cleaning when I made a startling discovery. I lifted my humidor to dust it, and underneath was a neat stack of colorful paper.

I called out to Kris, who was, as usual, hunched over her computer designing a lab for her biology students. “Hey, didn’t you put the letter in with the Christmas Cards?”

It was a dumb question, because I was holding all of the letters in my hand. I had even included a photo in this one, which probably consumed $100 worth of ink to print. “I didn’t send the cards…I thought you did,” she answered.

“I write the letter. You send the cards.” I decided to drop the subject while I was still ahead. Amazing how relaxed one becomes after a cruise.

Fast forward to today. I was preparing to run errands and I asked Kris if she needed anything. “Get some holiday stamps,” she replied. “When are you going to write the letter?”

“Why don’t we just send out last year’s?”

“I threw them away,” Kris answered.

So, I had to sit down and write this one. I have a suggestion – go to our website (, find the link for last year’s letter (it says “The 2003 Holiday Newsletter“) and read it. Then append the following paragraph, and you’ll be up to date:

Ryan is still in school, and is working very hard at it. He won a ‘best writing’ award for a short story. Wells is now in college, studying biotechnology. He claims to be doing well but we’re waiting for proof. Kris still works too hard, and Chester hasn’t gotten off his lazy behind to finalize the book publication. Everyone is a year older, and feeling it.

If you aren’t connected to the Internet, just take this letter to a neighbor or your local library and ask them for a hand. They’ll be glad to help.

There. That was easy. This letter will go very nicely with last year’s cards. I didn’t buy more stamps because we should find some with the cards, wherever they are…

Wishing you all the best,

‘Chester’, Kris, Ryan and Wells

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