Holiday Newsletter – 2003

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The 2003 Holiday Newsletter (which was printed on extravagantly nice holiday paper) was subject to some special circumstances, as revealed in the 2004 version. These should be read in sequence for the proper effect…

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Londonderry, NH USA

Dear Friends,

What could be more appropriate than to write the holiday letter on the twelfth day of Christmas, the outer fringe of the holiday season? Procrastination and rationalization are handy tools. Like riding a bike, you never forget.

2003 was an odd year. It seemed as though nothing much happened, though I know that is an illusion. Actually, the year was hectic and stressful. I think the real problem lay with the summer – it never really got going. Not a single beach day. The house painters did a nice job though – the bushes look great with the new red accents…

Kris finished her Master’s in Education just before Christmas. A sigh of relief was heard throughout the house. Since then she has become a computer ‘gamer’, having received a game that uses biofeedback sensors to control the action. Otherwise she continues to dedicate an astounding amount of time and effort to help her students learn about science.

I continued to sharpen my skills and interest in digital video making. The big project this year was the annual highlights video for the football team, complete with special effects. I am also working to publish a book, just for the heck of it.

Wells is a senior in high school and was captain of the Londonderry Lancers football team. Perhaps the onlyxmas-letter-2003 dreadlocked player in New Hampshire, he was plagued by injuries during the season. Nevertheless, he was designated offensive MVP (after winning the defensive award last year). College is on the horizon.

Ryan returned to the roost after his landlord sold the Philadelphia townhouse on short notice. He entered college in September and plans to  complete a program in radiology. Ryan brought along his dog Joe, who quickly acclimated to a house where cat and bird food is always available and cross-species sharing is the rule.

Please visit us at where you’ll find stories, pictures and videos of all sorts – don’t forget to sign the guest book. Now, I think it is about time to put those air-conditioners away. Nah, it’ll warm up soon…

Until next year,
‘Chester’ (representing Kris, Ryan and Wells)

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