Holiday Newsletter – 2002

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Season’s Greetings,

This year has flown by. More accurately, it sailed by. To mark our 25th anniversary, Kris and I took our first cruise. Although we were initially a bit concerned that cruising might not be our cup of tea, the experience was extremely waverunenjoyable. Our first try at jet skiing was especially memorable. We should have tried it years ago. Oh well…

Kris is settling in to her new teaching career. Although her workweek is still incredibly long, she is sometimes able to find time off to enjoy other things. At this rate, she’ll be down to 60 hours/week by the time retirement rolls around. She remains totally dedicated to the job, and only occasionally questions whether it is all worthwhile.

Wells is a junior in high school. As #48, he led the Londonderry High School football team in scoring and tackles, butwellscatch forgot about his class work for a while. With the prospect of college in the near future, he is redirecting his efforts – at least until next football season. Wells is now driving himself to band practice where he plays his bass. Yes, he made the catch.

Ryan lives in Philadelphia, and likes the city life. He has dabbled in some college courses and is considering the options for a more concentrated curriculum. Ryan also went on his first cruise this year. He found it quite different from his time aboard a Navy ship. If you look very copy-of-pict0151closely, you’ll see him descending the pyramid at Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Me? Well, it was kind of a strange year. Our anniversary trip inspired me to write a “book” about the experience. I posted it in installments on an Internet site called It attracted a bit of attention — thousands read it, and as a result Celebrity Cruise Lines offered to send us on another voyage, gratis. Kris couldn’t go, so Ryan accompanied me. If you like, go to and we’ll share the story – all 43,000 words, 81 pictures and 4 video clips.

Best Wishes from The Holleran Family

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