Welcome To My Living Funeral

Forgive the odd intro, but there’s no sense dancing around the plain facts. I am a fertile breeding ground for cancer. It’s growing in my body like Kudzu grows in Georgia. Yes, I’ll battle for control, but the outcome is certain – and it will probably be swift.

As with other major events in my lifetime, I’m inclined to write about my experience. My mother even suggested outright that I do so:

“… Surely it has occurred to you that you should write about this. Maybe it would give you a diversion. (On the other hand, maybe enough is enough.) But you write so well and observe what others don’t always see. I’ll bet you could explain what is happening better than the average dear soul who never expected to get clobbered with cancer…”

I would like to celebrate the time that’s left by remembering the past and considering the future with my friends. I can already tell that it won’t be easy as my faculties are compromised, but one must make the best of a given situation. Perhaps I can manage to share some useful tips along the way. I dearly want to do whatever I can to ease the transition for the love of my life, Kris, and hope that those who can help will do what they can.

I will understand completely if some of my Facebook friends choose to turn off my feed. In any case, I will probably do most of my writing on my own website (chesterh.com), so you can check there occasionally if you like.

No matter what, I do want to say, “Thank you,” to all who have been with me along the road. It’s been a good ride.

With Love,

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