A Farewell to Trevor


A chapter in our life ended on Friday, May 14, 2010, when we said goodbye to our dearest Trevor. He was a dog of my heart, so close and special to me in ways that many would not understand. He was by no means a perfect dog. There was no object perpendicular to the ground that could escape his marking. I will never forget the vision of him casually strolling up to my son’s best friend and claiming him in that special doggy way. Trevor had the uncanny ability to start the doggy equivalent of a bar room brawl, and would never dream of walking away from one. A rescue dog, at times we aptly identified his breed as New Hampshire Hump Hound.

However, no dog could outdo his ability to create joyful times for young boys who, like Trevor, had trouble knowing when to put on the brakes. Even at the end, the sound of a young male voice would stop him in his tracks and change his direction. Trevor would dock dive for jolly balls, play king of the float, accompany canoes, kayaks, and swimmers doing laps. And he would do those things for hours on end. He was an avid fishing partner, patient and calm until the big strike came along. On hikes, Trevor always took point, showing off his jaunty stride and making sure the way was well marked and safe for others. He was a marathon play-master in his prime.

In his older years, Trevor developed the new role of play police for the younger dogs that entered our lives – teaching them when enough was enough, how to play nice, and the importance of not interrupting nap or meal time. It didn’t take much – he could walk into a room and create instant calm. Outdoors, a few well timed warning barks did the trick.

We found each other through adoption, when Trevor was approximately 1.5 – 2 years old, and relished the 12 years we shared our lives. He will be missed by many, including lads young and those now grown. But no one will miss him more than I. If there is a spot over the bridge, here’s hoping that there is a spring back in his step, lots of verticals for marking, a bag of Cheetos, and a never ending supply of jolly balls. Farewell dear friend – Godspeed.


Trevor’s Photo Album

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